Principle Investigator

Pınar Aydogan Gokturk
Asst. Prof. in Chemistry Department, Koc University

2019-2022 Post-doc in Advanced Light Source, Lawrence Berkeley National Lab, USA
2018 Ph.D. in Chemistry, Bilkent University, Turkey
2013 B.S. in Chemistry, Bilkent University, Turkey
2013 Minor Program in Molecular Biology and Genetics, Bilkent University, Turkey
Research Background:

Dr. Pinar Aydogan Gokturk is an experimentalist whose work research lies in interdisciplinary approaches within the field of  surface and interfacial science, chemical physics and electrochemistry. Prior to joining Koc University, she worked as a post-doctoral researcher at the Advanced Light Source, Lawrence Berkeley National Lab, USA. Her research focused on understanding and control of solid/liquid interfaces for water desalination/purification applications. Dr. Aydogan Gokturk received her B.S. and Ph.D. in Chemistry at the Bilkent University under the mentorship of Sefik Suzer. Her doctorate research investigated  ionic liquids (ILs) and low volatile polymeric electrolytes in various electrochemical systems including electrical double layer capacitors, simple two-electrode electrochemical cells and electrowetting on dielectrics under high vacuum conditions. Through these work, she were able to investigate processes including potential developments, electrochemical redox reactions, and dissolution directly at the places where and while they occur.

Graduate Students

Hande Demir

MS Student, 1st year (Chemistry)

B.S., Chemistry, Bogazici University

Research area: fundamentals of ion and water interactions with novel and existing membranes for water, energy, and resource recovery applications.

Undergraduate Students

Onur Alageyik

BS Student, 4th year (Chemistry, Physics)

Research area: functionalizing commercial ion exchange membranes to enhance selectivity for CDI applications

Yigit Eksi

BS Student, 2nd year (Chemistry, Chemical and Biological Eng.)

Research area: designing and in-situ characterizing a membrane-assisted electro sorption process