surface and interfacial science for clean water, energy and sustainability

Our experimental research group focuses on advancing membrane technologies for water and energy systems, contributing to the solution strategies of major environmental and social problems, the de-carbonization and water sustainability.  Complex nature of membranes along with their environment-dependent properties require a myriad of techniques to characterize their hydration, transport, chemical, structural and electrical properties. We combine material design with characterization tools at multi-scale to probe both macroscopic and molecular-level surface and interface properties to uncover the fundamental membrane phenomena, including transport, partitioning, selectivity, and fouling. Applications of interest to our group include next-generation materials for clean energy technologies (e.g., fuel cells, water-splitting electrolyzers, flow batteries),  water treatment for resource recovery, fit-for-purpose water reuse and other electro-membrane processes.

We’re recruiting!

We are actively recruiting motivated graduate and undergraduate students! Applications from candidates with a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in chemistry, materials science, or a related discipline are highly encouraged to apply, particularly those with research experience in experimental surface characterization techniques, membrane/polymer science and electrochemistry. All graduate applications should be submitted to the Koc University GSSE (Graduate School and Science and Engineering). Prospective students are encouraged to contact Dr. Aydogan Gokturk with a CV highlighting their relevant research background and skills. Contact